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The best ‘Non Black Biker’ Leather Jacket

Whistles leather jacket

The leather biker jacket has pretty much become a wardrobe essential. This jacket has long been associated with cool, think Marlon Brando in the ‘Wild one’. Fast forward to today, models such as Gisele, Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitley still make the black leather biker jacket look effortlessly cool.

However, it’s not a look that necessarily suits everyone’s personal style. Worn wrong it screams of ‘trying to hard!’  An ageless more versatile answer is this Whistles blazer-shape jacket. The smart tailoring and waist belt are both feminine and elegant. Easily smart enough for the office, but equally great over a dress for the evening or with jeans at the weekend.

The leather is butter soft in this season’s forest green, making it gentler next to the face than the usual black. At £495 it’s an investment piece. Calculate price per wear and its a winner!

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