Wardrobe Detox

An inexpensive way to revamp you and your wardrobe by sifting out what no longer works for you and rediscovering those items that make a difference! Its true up to 80% of your wardrobe doesn’t get worn and detoxing it, is a truly liberating and energising experience. Every wardrobe holds some incredible clothing combinations that have got lost in the mass. It just takes a fresh pair of expert ‘Stylist’ eyes to pull them together for you.

Each Wardrobe Detox starts with a personal consultation to understand you and define your unique style goals.

What to expect:

  • Advise on what styles and shapes compliment you
  • Assessment of each item in your wardrobe for wearability
  • Elimination of those items that do not compliment you
  • Created, styled and photographed new looks from your existing wardrobe
  • An organised wardrobe in a clear and logical manner
  • Items for dry cleaning/alterations pinned and prepared
  • A List Key season up daters and missing essentials

The result:

Your own stylish, organised, efficient and accessible working wardrobe you never knew you had! A clear wardrobe to take you onto Personal Shopping Styling.

Cost: Dependent upon requirements and travel.

Please contact me with your requirements

Gift Vouchers available


Fashion is about dressing according to whats fashionable. Style is about being yourself. Oscar de la Renta