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Linda Rodin – Secrets of her luminous style

Linda Rodin

That fact that this women is 66 is totally irrelevant. The fact that Linda Rodin exudes style totally is!

Usualy when I see the statement ‘Style Lessons’ I groan out load, thinking I am about to read something condescending or obvious. Especially if they tell us what we should be wearing at certain ages, such tosh! On reading Linda Rodin’s I was more ‘hurrah!’ Her statements are pragmatic, they suit her body and her character.

Why shouldn’t you wear mini skirts if you still have great legs? And yes, unless you have supermodel height maxi dresses will make you look frumpy! Anyway have a read and make you own mind up!

If you are unsure with what works for you, then please drop in a line here, I would be delighted to help!

Linda Rodin’s Style Lessons

linda Rodin Style Rules

Main photo: Rebecca Pollack from Goop

Style secrets first appeared in the Daily Telegraph

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