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Covering up mirrors to tackle body image……….Really???

See no evil

So if you cant see it and it feels good, it must look good…………..Right?

Based on this, it would appear that Hammerson owned shopping centres, including Cabot Circus in Bristol have decided if they cover up the mirrors in the changing rooms, it will help women with their self esteem issues. Their statistics show that 70% of items don’t get sold, once they have been tried on. So it must be women’s self esteem that is at fault, rather than the item not being right! Huh??

Call me cynical but to me it just sounds like a ploy to get women to buy more clothes and get shop sales up! They seem to think if women buy something based on it feeling good rather than looking good, more clothes will make it to the till point.  How many times have I seen clothes in women’s wardrobes with the labels still on, never worn because it was a rushed mistake to make them feel good?

Or Hammerson’s suggest, instead of relying on mirrors, ask a friend or a shop assistant for their view.  If I had bought everything a shop assistant had told me looked good (when I knew it didn’t) then quite frankly my wardrobe would be exploding and I certainly wouldn’t be calling  myself a Stylist! As for asking friends, it just brings to mind a bored husband, wishing he was watching the football, being asked ‘does my bum look big in this?’

The answer? Well for starters how about doing something with the changing rooms, better sized, tilted mirrors and um…..lighting? Seriously, I am 5ft 5 and a size 10, I get out the shower in the morning feeling fine, then by the time I enter a changing room suddenly I seem to have developed untold amounts of cellulite, what’s with that? When personal shopping and using the personal shopping suites the whole experience is much much better.

And how about staff training,  get staff back in these spaces, adopting a more personal connection and service to work with consumers and build confidence the old fashioned way.

Otherwise, if you would like the shopping experience you deserve with an empathetic and honest view, why not book a personal stylist. In the long run will save you money and guarantee that you look and feel better! Please use the contact form to get in touch.


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