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Cobra & Bellamy Watches: The Tank without the Tag

Cobra & Bellemy

A watch is a very personal accessory, and of course one that comes with any variety of price tags. Like everything else that we wear, a watch says so much about us and those watches that have several 000’s in the price tag are often seen as a status symbol because of that. Personally,  I prefer something a little more understated and in my opinion timeless (in style not working accuracy) and elegant.

My answer for a watch that is affordable yet classic –  I give you Cobra & Bellamy. Back when I worked for trends predictions agency Anne Tyrrell Design on Lower Sloane Street, I would regularly lick the window’s of Cobra & Bellamy (they also have stunning jewellery) during my lunch hour. Sadly their shop on Sloane Street has now gone but you can still shop online at https://cobra-and-bellamy-watches.co.uk/ all watches arrive beautifully presented in a ribbon tied box which also makes them a very stylish gift.

Their watches are designed in the retro style reminiscent of the 1930′s 40′s & 50′s, which for me holds an element of lasting glamour. They have a selection of stylish designs, faces and straps to choose from and look equally good on men and women, at prices from  £99 what’s not to love?

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